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Mother's Day Flower Prints  -  Monoplate print (Gelli print) on paper, 2019

In 2018 whilst packing up my Mother’s house, the family home, in Worcestershire in preparation to sell it due to her moving to Kent into a Care Home, I came across an envelope stuffed with cards I had made her. This Mother's Day card was made of pressed flowers I had collected from the garden and nearby hedgerows and fields. Their colour was still vibrant and they were all intact. I wanted a memento of these flowers that held so much. I made a Monoplate print (Gelli plate Print) . This way of printing records the fine detail and the 2nd print, the ghost print abstracts the image. I made over 150 prints until the original 35 year old flowers were mere twigs. The flowers’ initial fragile appearance was over-ridden by their resilience and final destruction. This had the effect of moving the reflective process of what we were needing to do for my ailing and aging Mother.

Video  of 30 prints.

112 Mother's Day prints shown at MA student group show, Creek Creative, Faversham, Kent, March 2020

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