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Cocoon - Willow framework, monoplate print on tissue paper, 2020

The fougou or celtic burial chambers encouraged me to make a similar holding space in response to my mother's dying.
I thought of willow as a pliable base and carefully made detailed frameworks, held together with string and tape. Their look was of neither boat nor tomb but sitting somewhere in between.
The frame was partially covered in tissue paper, drawn and printed using my Mums coffin top flowers again. The paper pieces have the quality of leaves or scales. The frame, low on the ground, had an entrance that people often ask to lie inside.

Sculpture - 2020
Sculpture - 2020

Video - Hatch

Gelli/monoprint on tissue paper, mixed media. Willow frame - 2020

Freesia - Hanging willow framework with monoplate print (Gelli print), 2019-20.

I bought freesias, my mother's favourite flowers and made many prints. The tails, coming out of the vessel, touched the ground. It is a gesture that lends itself to transition as it crosses a threshold . Prints of the coffin top flowers. from my Mum's funeral in November and still the flowers are around. They are sturdy and resilient and I’ll print with them for as long as they still have a place in the bereavement process.


Video - Freesia Vessel

Studio shot - 2020

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